Thursday, 22 June 2017

Onagar vs trebuchet

Week 8.
Trebuchet VS onager
In the last week we have been learning about the onager and its similarities and differences with the trebuchet.

Trebuchet and the onager.
1.They both have a string to make the ball go flying.
2.They both have a wooden arm.
3.They both use thrust and all other forces is well.
4.They both can go really far because they both have strong arms.

The differences
The first difference is the trebuchet has less velocity than the onager because the arm is stronger.
The second difference is that the trebuchet has a higher arm than the onager.
The third differences is the onager is much,much harder than the trebuchet.

Over all the onager would be better for breaking down walls and the trebuchet would be better for lobbing rocks over walls into the castle.

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