Monday, 19 June 2017

cheeky writing

“This sucks”, I thought to myself,  my friend Murphy and I were stuck in the middle of an orienteering forest with only a map that we’d learnt to use 30 minutes ago. We racked our brains trying to remember where we were going before we got lost. The trees in the forest were the kind of pine trees that tower over you making you feel small and  insignificant “That's it,” Murphy suddenly blurted out.“M!”
“What?” I said.
“M that’s the letter they were going to.”
“Then let’s go.” We ran. My breath was like ice cold daggers being shoved down my throat. We stopped  for a breath. I took a look at the map. “Did we just go the wrong way?” I said.
“Uhhhh oops,” Murphy said.
“You doofus,” I grumbled. And with that we ran straight back the way we came, and just like I had said, and the group hadn't even noticed we were gone.

My learning in this piece of writing was to use my punctuation
and my bright sparks words on a solo map, I think I was unistructural because I didn't use any bright sparks words.
My punctuation was multistructural because I used quite a few different  types of punctuation.


  1. Ha ha ha! Very funny 😂 Love the humour. The rest of your group should have noticed you were missing but again very funny. Good punctuation and bright sparks words.

  2. Very gooooood!!! Jonty you have very good ideas and is an awesome piece of writting.


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