Sunday, 10 September 2017

The most disgusting substance known to mankind

Picture this -  a beautiful blue-skied day -  sun is shining, birds are chirping, UNTIL you plant your FOOT in the most disgusting substance known to mankind DOG POO!

There are some strange and questionable ways people deal with this disaster.  Here are the ways I think are the most common.

Number one the list - is the dead leg drager.  They are very determined people, constantly shuffling their foot along the ground.
They take the struggle against dog poo as more of a mental battle  than a  physical one - as if the dog poo was inside your head and not on your foot.  This results in even more furious shuffling, until the dog poo either:

comes off - or -
spontaneously combusts from the friction of shoe and concrete. With the dog poo history, they walk off                        

AND THEN the next person comes along and steps on it and they have a different strategy...

The next strategy is called the crazy Kung fu  - these are, well… crazy people furiously kicking around screaming“Get it off get it off” -.  The dead leg dragers get annoyed at these people - saying “Don't let it get inside your head - this is a mental battle not a physical one” and the crazy Kung fu people reply “It's not in my head you dummy - it's on my foot ahhhhh!!!!”

AND THEN there is the make-the-worst-of-the-situation-and-have-a-mental-breakdown people.  After stepping in dog poo, the typical thoughts that go through their head are:

 oh no - I stepped in dog poo!
 and my foot stinks and everyone will call me stinky foot
and then I’ll have to burn the poo off and the chemicals will mix and then we're ever I am will explode
 and then the police will arrest me and then I'll get a criminal record
and the I won't get a good job
and then I'll have to sleep under a cold damp dark bridge AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Talk about over reacting right? (pause for end)

So on that perfect blue skied sunny day - just remember those little brown land mines could be waiting for you just around the corner.

My advice is keep a watchful eye out, never wear bare feet, or otherwise just stay at home!!

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Onagar vs trebuchet

Week 8.
Trebuchet VS onager
In the last week we have been learning about the onager and its similarities and differences with the trebuchet.

Trebuchet and the onager.
1.They both have a string to make the ball go flying.
2.They both have a wooden arm.
3.They both use thrust and all other forces is well.
4.They both can go really far because they both have strong arms.

The differences
The first difference is the trebuchet has less velocity than the onager because the arm is stronger.
The second difference is that the trebuchet has a higher arm than the onager.
The third differences is the onager is much,much harder than the trebuchet.

Over all the onager would be better for breaking down walls and the trebuchet would be better for lobbing rocks over walls into the castle.

Monday, 19 June 2017

cheeky writing

“This sucks”, I thought to myself,  my friend Murphy and I were stuck in the middle of an orienteering forest with only a map that we’d learnt to use 30 minutes ago. We racked our brains trying to remember where we were going before we got lost. The trees in the forest were the kind of pine trees that tower over you making you feel small and  insignificant “That's it,” Murphy suddenly blurted out.“M!”
“What?” I said.
“M that’s the letter they were going to.”
“Then let’s go.” We ran. My breath was like ice cold daggers being shoved down my throat. We stopped  for a breath. I took a look at the map. “Did we just go the wrong way?” I said.
“Uhhhh oops,” Murphy said.
“You doofus,” I grumbled. And with that we ran straight back the way we came, and just like I had said, and the group hadn't even noticed we were gone.

My learning in this piece of writing was to use my punctuation
and my bright sparks words on a solo map, I think I was unistructural because I didn't use any bright sparks words.
My punctuation was multistructural because I used quite a few different  types of punctuation.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017


It was quiz night and  our team looked pretty good. We had: me, Max, Johnson, Finn McLeod, Ollie Farrelly and Harry O’loughlan and I assure you we weren't out there to have fun we were out there to win. The hall was filled with lively excitement that made you want to jump around like a crazy frog in sugar rush, then we got our costume. We had a mustache and a Spanish hat  so we called ourselves the OlĂ© bull runners. We answered loads of  questions and even did a dance off. We thought we came last but turns out that we won! That was a happy moment at camp, a not so happy moment at  camp was when…

A fire drill happened. You know when you just must finish something even if you know you're not supposed to, well this is kind of like what happened to me. I had just got out of the shower  and I was barely dry but I had to go, so I quickly got changed and trudged outside. I was  FREEZING but I, Olaf the snowman (aka Jonty), still followed the group. When we got to the meeting point, Daniel said “Alright you can go back to what you were doing now.” I almost felt like saying “And the point of this was…?” (even though I knew)  but I didn't say it out loud. So I walked back and that was my annoying moment on camp.

Science journal week 2

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment
This time we did balloon rockets but we didn't have any success. We got 0 tests done because our string wasn't very good and being honestly neither was our concentration. At one point the string got tangled up. So next time we need to learn
from our mistakes.

Science journal week 3

Week 3: Drag
When  we taped paper to the front of the balloss”. It didn't go very fast in fact it didn't move at all because the paper stopped it for some reason I didn't know, so those are my observations for week 3 science term drag.
on it didn't move at all.
I think it didn't move because there was too much weight. The sound was quite funny it went like something this “Frrrnbhnumffffs.”
Week 4: Trebuchet
This week we experimented with a trebuchet,  I noticed that there was no obvious mathematical pattern in the measurements. I think it was like that because of how hard the person pulled, wind speed and direction and also how many weights there are. I also noticed that the heavier ball went half as far as the tennis ball.  I wonder what should happen if we tried to use two tennis balls. This week I think my gathering data was multistructural
and I think my inferenceing was multistructural as well.

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Term reflection

This term we were focusing on being a responsible citizen rated myself multistructural at the start of the term, I wasn't very confident about being a responsible citizen because I didn't know much about it and I didn't feel like I was doing much for the community. So I started to try to be as much of a responsible citizen as multistructural. In the middle of the term I rated myself relational.

I felt like I started to  be a bit more of a responsible citizen, I started radio DJ and I also did a coaching session with pounamu.
I think my project (coaching cricket) encourages ‍‍‍‍‍people to be a responsible citizen because it make them think “hey that sounds cool maybe I should do something like that”. Overall I think my rubric coding of being a responsible pcitizen is relational. I’m proud of my learning this term.

this is our plan

The most disgusting substance known to mankind

Picture this -  a beautiful blue-skied day -  sun is shining, birds are chirping, UNTIL you plant your FOOT in the most disgusting substa...